At 35 years old, I was the mom to six kids and decided to divorce my husband of fifteen years. I had lost who I was during my marriage—I didn’t even recognize the woman staring back at me in the mirror. Divorce was a time for me to rediscover who Kristen was—and who she is! My journey to rebuild my life after divorce has taken me over six years. It has been the most beautifully hard work to awaken to who I am. TODAY, I am thriving.
I have come to understand that when I live to the full expression of my soul, the universe supports me and provides opportunities for my success.  Every woman deserves to awaken to who she is. I want to help make that a little easier for you. 
Life has provided many lessons, from raising children to dating, to building a tribe of support and so much more. This life post-divorce is an incredible opportunity. Watch my videos, read my book and blogs, and learn from my experience.
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Kristen DeChambeau seated at table