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NOW WHAT? A Guide To Thriving After Divorce


If you’re feeling lost and scattered after divorce or breakup, don’t waste time in a messy and complicated life. If you want to make this time about connecting with yourself while you heal, this book is for you! I give you all the steps and resources you need to find the you that’s been hiding.

Why did I write about divorce? As I have looked into the eyes of my recently divorced friends, I see sadness and sorrow. The journey of divorce and breakups is a tough one. It uproots everything. We question our worth. We question our ability to make good decisions. We question how to move on.

Through my book, I guide you from chaos and confusion to clarity and a clear path. Reconnect to you, develop confidence and get momentum. You can thrive and have meaningful relationships again.

C’mon, let’s begin…

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