...and create a life you love.

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...and create a life you love.

...and create a life you love.

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My Renewed Soul is a place where women can come to pick up their scattered pieces and make themselves whole again. Major life changes, like divorce, can leave us feeling unsure of our future. We are meant to thrive!

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Hi There!

I’m Kristen DeChambeau

Author of NOW WHAT? A Guide To Thriving After Divorce

Through videos, courses, and my book, I teach women how to create a life they love. We need guidance that is trustworthy. I provide that guidance with love and real-life strategies to feel empowered, aligned, and whole. Divorce is the beginning of a new life. A life that can be defined and designed by our soulful self. This is an opportunity to discover who we are and what gifts are hidden inside us, we are all unique and needed — let’s link arms and thrive together.

About Kristen

Love Yourself More Completely

Learn what you’ll need in your new relationships, how to seek habits to help & create a new tribe!

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NOW WHAT? is the self-help book for people who desperately want to know what to do after divorce, but don’t know how to begin.

In this clear to understand and relatable how-to-guide, Kristen DeChambeau delivers step by step chapters, with simple exercises, heart touching stories and common-sense advice to help you to:

  • Identify what you need to feel secure
  • How to build a tribe of friends
  • Design a life you want and learn how to create it
  • Get solid dating advice and avoid major pitfalls
  • Learn to let your beautiful self shine after divorce
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Kristen DeChambeau

Author & Course Creator
“Embracing single life is gradual. We are a blank canvas, paint brushes in hand. This phase is our masterpiece. It’s refreshing to start again. Loving you is the best beginning. LOVE you FIRST! Love who you are. Love what is hidden inside of you. Love what is wanting to burst out. Love the gentleness and the roughness. Love ALL parts of you.”

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