On news and social media there is a steady stream of images of tension, stress, fear and conflict. It is an immense about of chaos. While I think this is part of a new, better life we will live, we can’t skip the conflict that is and must surely take place. It will lead to something positive. For right now, it is unsettling and challenging to work through. These times seem so overwhelming! We are being bombarded with crazy amounts of information and situations that everyday life isn’t accustomed to. There becomes points in time when we are required to change or adjust beyond what we are callable. In some cases, we don’t want to change.

This is the time to search inward, to look inward to who we are as individuals. Within ourselves we have safety, security and consistency. When we look outward lately, it is chaos. Whne we can look inward to ourselves and we are comfortable with ourselves, there is peace, there is calm, there is steadiness, there is security. That fear on the outside world can dissipate because we know we are taking care of ourselves. How are we doing on the inside?

What in our thoughts, actions and purpose need to be stepped up?  Where do we need to live in integrity more frequently? Do we need to speak up? Maybe we need to develop more of who we are. Do we need to be more kind? Could I become more well spoken to express ideas? Maybe we need to become a leader within the roles we play in life.

When you envision the best version of yourself, what does that look like? What characteristics do you have? How does your day look? What are you doing? What habits do you have? How can you develop that person? 

This process will bring safety and security back within. Everyday you will become less scared and more confident. We need confident leaders right now. You are a leader. We need you to be a leader right where you stand. 

There is huge change coming to our outer world. We know this. This is going to require huge change to our inner world. It going to be a refining and defining more of who we are. This is going to require the everyday leaders to present themselves. Somewhere in your life, you are a leader. Recognize that role and develop it. There is a thinker in you. Develop the process to analyze information and process’ to arrive at your own thoughts and ideas. Become the thinker of processing, researching, be curious and questioning. Find answers for yourself. 

As a leader, be the lover, the motivator, the teacher, the coach, the friend, the mom, the dad, sister, brother. What roles do you have in life? How can you embody the leader within that role? 

This can be scary and immobilizing as we are seeing the high rates of depression, suicide and sickness. It’s taking a toll on us as human kind. We are energetic beings who are experiencing this extreme amount of fluctuation. It is a lot to process everyday. We want security, safety and familiarity. We tend to seek for what was, because what is familiar is safe. But we are learning how to process daily life post 2020. The invitation to stand where you are and be a leader has been sent to you. We need your heart, mind, perspective and experience to help build what is coming next. 

Do you feel the call to grow? Where do you need to grow next?


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